Ever wonder about #2…

…those who ask for help in the forums, get your answer and then tell you that you’re wrong and continue asking for help without even bothering to try the answer to see if it would work or not?
I don’t paid enough for this. Heck, I don’t paid at all. I’ve been sitting here all day trying to get caught up on daria.be. I would really like to do some writing. Walking home too tonight as I need to save what little cash I have.

Comments on the main blog

I don’t know why but, for some reason, I removed the comment box on the blog at daria.be when I installed it. It’s back now. Feel free to make your own comments to daria.be’s announcements. Please note though that support requests and questions should go in via one of the four offical methods:

  • The help desk
  • Feedback from your Dashboard
  • Email to support ( at ) daria ( dot ) be
  • The support forums
  • That way we can track problems, suggestions, and concerns.
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    Things to do first with Your New Blog

    I just posted this article over on the help desk but I thought I would post it here as well. It concerns what to do first with your new blog. I’ll probably add to it later on as I go.
    Things to do first with Your New Blog
    Hope this helps,