How Popular Is Your Site? Find Out With This Link Popularity Checker

im_popular_on_the_internetThis script comes from the fine folks over at Site Expert. (Oooooo, they even have a color chart.) Using this tool, you can check to see how many indexed backlinks lead to your site in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a number of others.

The cool thing about the tool is that is actually gives you the numbers on the result page.  Some link popularity checkers only give you the links to the search engines themselves or make you jump through hoops to get the report.  This tool actually shows you the number of indexed links back.

So tell me how it works.  Feel free to brag about your link popularity numbers in the comments if you want.

Link Popularity Checker

Don’t forget out the other tools such as our Youtube Video Downloader, the Whois lookup and the new DailyMotion Video Downloader.

Image from here: I’m Only Popular on the Internet and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic.

Have You Been Penalized By Google? Find Out With Seo Penalty

peopleA common question folks ask is if their site has been penalized by Google and it’s Googlebot.  It does happen if webmasters use too many tricks to promote their website and if and when Google catches on to what they’re doing.  Things like hiding links, overloading pages with keywords, bugging Google with update notifications, and the like will tick off the search engine giant and get your site removed from Google’s database.

Is there an easy way to check?  Head over to SEO Penalty and put the domain of the site in question in their form.  You’ll receive a rating back ranging from 0 to 10 on how much Google has downgraded your site.  Zero means fine and dandy while a ten means they’ve caught on and you need to clean up your act.

Want to know more about Google Penalty and how to deal with it?  Give this article a read.

Are Your Twits Worthy of You? Find Out With

I’ve talked about Twitter in the past a couple of times. Have to admit that I don’t use it that much. Really only when I make a new post here. Occasionally I go looking for new post ideas there as well.

Anyway, it looks like what little Twittering I’ve done has provided some value. (Edit: Hey, I’m on page 6 of the highest ranking Twitters with worth.) A passing mention on the Digitalpoint forums let me know about Tweetworth.  The site lacks some polish (Actually, let’s be honest, it lacks a lot of polish.  For example the link in the footer to their own Twitter account doesn’t work and their about page lacks correct layout.) and there’s no mention on how the worth of a Twitter account is judged.  The site is still new and will hopefully become more filled out later on.

I actually prefer Twitter Grader myself.  They give you some description on how they judge the worth of an account and seem to do a better job of ranking folks.  They even break down rankings based on your location against other Twitter users.

Which tool do you like better?

The US Raises Some Cash the Old Fashion Way

It looks like the United States government has finally found a way to raise the cash we need to get our butts out of trouble and our economy out of the recession we’re currently in.

I actually found this as I was looking for a sample video from The Onion for one of the software platform I work with.

And if you like that, you may want to see what new thing Sony just released.

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MSN Live Search Adds A Captcha

msn-searchYes, I know the previous post published without being finished. I’ll have to fix that some time soon.

For some strange reason, I can’t get to Google today.  No Google search, no Google Adsense, no Google webmaster tools, no GMail which really is an issue.  Nothing.

So anyway, I still have things to do today.  I guess I have to to use another search engine to get some work done.

I’ve used MSN a number of times previously, usually to see how different search engines compare with certain search terms.  So I headed over to to give it a try.

Imagine my complete surprise when the above captcha pops up. Not once, not twice but every single time I did a search.  And it wasn’t an easy captcha either but captchas with other characters in the background, making it harder to read. (At least for me.)

Now, I’m not a big fan of captchas.  I’ve noticed that they really don’t work and are easy to beat.  MSN isn’t alone with their use either.  Google’s done it before, recently as well, and they’re not that easy to read either. (Rather long if you ask me.) I don’t see it that often though on Google.  And it didn’t take 5 tries that it did with some of MSN’s.

TweepMe – Spam, Virus, or just a neat way to meet other Twitter users?


Had this come my way over Twitter from a few folks.  It’s about a new service called TweepMe.  It’s being labeled as a fast way to accumulate followers on Twitter. Whenever a new member joins, every other member that’s already on the service automatically follows the new member while the new member follows them back. The process is gradual and happens over the course of weeks or months depending on the number of TweepMe members and how quickly you have the service set up to do all that following.  (The default is 50 an hour which seems very high to me.  I just lowered mine to 10 to be on the safe side.)

Right now, the service is free to the first 5,000 users who create an account over there.  As of this writing, there’s about a thousand slots left open.  After those first lucky few, rumor is it’ll run $9 a month for the service.

Some folks are calling this a Twitter virus.  Others are calling it nothing but spam or a complete waste of time getting followers who will quickly leave.  Giving a service your username and password is a concern as well.

So which is it?  Some points come to mind:

  • They’ve admitted to using the HummingBird Twitter application which got their old account banned.
  • You do have to turn over your username and password which we should know by now isn’t a good idea.
  • They raise a good point that if Twitter really had an issue with all this, they would have their API access shut down.
  • All messages sent are opt-in as we’ve signed up for the service knowing what to expect.
  • Folks who have signed up for the service are free to leave at any time.  They can even change their Twitter password to opt back out of the service.
  • The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, is a member of the service.
digg_url = ‘’;

So what do you think?  I’ll admit that I signed up for the service just to see what all the hype is about.  If I get new followers and/ or find someone new and interesting to follow, it’s a plus.  Get my Twitter account hacked from it all?  It’s a Twitter account after all, not a server.

What’s your opinion?

edit: After writing this, I was pointed to a post about a user studying the TweepMe data to see if there are real people signing up or just spammers. It’s an interesting read.

Web Page Analyzer

analyzer.jpgJust a quick plug for the Web Page Analyzer. It’s a free web page analysis tool that calculates page size, composition, and download time. Gives speed recommendations based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization. In other words, it looks for problems with your site like you have too many images or scripts, the images are too large in filesize, etc. I just used it for someone and wanted to give a plug. I use the site a number of times every day. I’ve had it bookmarked for ages but I finally got around to adding it to the links page.  I hope it helps you as it does me.

And, no, that’s not an image from the site.  Just something I found elsewhere.

Moved the Feeds Over to Feedburner


Yup, still working on changes.  There’s more coming shortly as well.  I’ve gone ahead and fixed the lists in the footer that list the latest posts as well as comments.  I’ve also added in the updated list of most read posts for 2008.

If you’re reading this post via RSS, you may have noted that there’s a new URL. (Don’t worry.  The old URLs will redirect to the new one.) I’ve gone ahead and moved the RSS Feeds over to Feedburner.  I’ve done this so I can also offer subscriptions to my feeds via email as well.  Plus I can keep better track of how many folks read my site every day.  Last time I looked, the main RSS feed was getting accessed over 700 times every day.

As I noted, there’s no need to change your RSS reader as the old URLs redirect to the new one.  But if you want to go ahead and make the change, the new URL is:  If you want to get emails when I make new posts, there’s a subscription box to the left in the sidebar.  It’ll give you a nasty looking Captcha that you have to figure out (Took me a couple of tries when I subscribed.) but the option is now available.

If you have any problems, feel free to add your comment to this post or drop me an email.

edit: Per a request, we now also have a Feed for Comments.

Trying Twitter Yet Again


I’ve tried Twitter in the past.  I have to admit that I was scratching my head over some of “features” that didn’t seem to work for me.  And I grew very tired very quickly with the spammers over there.

But I’m going to give it yet another try.  Feel free to follow me:

Twitter Dr. Mike

edit: I probably should add something to the site as well.  I’m due a redesign one of these days.

reedit: Maybe we can get Jen to update once in a while.  I see Andrea needs no encouragement.