50 Things You Can Do While Waiting For Edublogs to Come Back Online

Edublogs is being upgraded so I’m looking for stuff to do.  Here’s some ideas off of the top of my head.  Anyone care to suggest some more?

#50) Bake Dr Mike some brownies. 🙂

#49) Wonder if they ever make Boondocks into a movie, will Spike Lee direct it?

#48) Wonder why there’s a Illuminati Pyramid in Luke’s logo at the upper left on the Advanced WordPress MultiUser Discussion site.

#47) Go read the Illuminati article over at Wikipedia since it came up in Google when you searched for it trying to figure out how to spell Illuminati.

#46) Wonder how far the Illuminati has it’s claws into NASCAR.

#45) Wonder how many folks still think Donncha is female.

#44) Wonder if that frigging torrent for the Avalon Hill magazine, The General, will ever finish.  One chunk left out of a single issue in volume 3. *grumble*

#43) Ditto for the 1967 Gold Key Star Trek torrent. *grumble* (edit: Oh wait.  It’s going again.  reedit: *sigh* It’s stopped again.)

#42) Download a video from youtube.

#41) Vote for the best WordPress MultiUser plugin over at wpmu.org.

#40) Wonder how Donncha got away without creating a page for his entry since that was a requirement for the contest.

#39) Go read my sister’s blog.

#38) Go read her husband’s blog. (Been meaning to link to it for some time now.)

#37) Wonder why she hasn’t put a link to it in her blog’s sidebar.

#36) Watch 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon.

#35) Watch 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover covered by the Muppet’s band, Electric Mayhem.

Any more?

Today’s Scary Thought


I was over at Quantcast registering a site for a client and noticed that wordpress.com is listed on their front page as a “Recently Quantified Publisher.” We’ll ignore for now that they’ve been registered with them and Quantcast’s javascript has been on the site since February, 2007 and what they mean by “Recently” but I had a chuckle looking at the traffic numbers for sites hosted on their servers.

Rather interesting that icanhascheezburger.com gets roughly ten times the traffic that scobleizer.com does.