Things I’ve done today

Working on the todo list:

Kim Possible Screen Shot Site

  • Added in the season 4 episode titles
  • Added in the descriptions I had for Season 4
  • Added in the screen caps that I had
  • Readded the Urchin Tracking code for that site
  • Added in footer links to some of my sites

Kim Possible: Remixed Webcomic

  • Finished the posts for April
  • Started posts for the month of May

Youtube Downloader

  • Updated the link to here from the old site.
  • Readded the Urchin code

The most dangerous Dr. Mike on the web

Well, there’s one good thing that came out of moving back over to I’m now first listed over in Google when you search for ‘drmike.’ Check it out! 🙂
drmike on Google
It’s a pity though that I’m only third when you write it correctly though. Have to work on that. Maybe I should start tagging all of my posts with ‘drmike‘ and ‘dr mike
dr mike on Google
edit: Actually had that on my to do list. Something else to knock off thte list as complete. 🙂