Wizards of the Coast Ditches Paizo, Again

I got an interesting email this morning from the folks over at Paizo:

Dear Mike,

Wizards of the Coast has notified us that we may no longer sell or distribute their PDF products. Accordingly, after April 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific time, Wizards of the Coast PDFs will no longer be available for purchase on paizo.com;
after noon on April 7, you will no longer be able to download Wizards of the Coast PDFs that you have already purchased, so please make sure you have downloaded all purchased PDFs by that time.

We thank you for your patronage of paizo.com. Please check out our other downloads at paizo.com/store/downloads.

Sincerely yours,
The Paizo Customer Service Team

I haven’t checked with other online sites but it wouldn’t surprise me if Wizards is also doing this to other companies who publish TSR’s old material in *.PDF form.  This isn’t the first time that Wizards of the Coast has cut of Paizo either.  Do remember that Paizo used to print both the Dragon and Dungeon Magazines for Wizards way back when.  I hurried over there and redownloaded what I had through them.  I’m sure I have the material on a hard drive or DVD somewhere but just in case I had missed something. (We all know I have a horrible history of sites crapping out on me.)

It’s kind of sad to see this occur.  The only real place, outside of torrents or download sites, to get this material is via an online auction site like ebay.  Pretty soon even those sources will start drying up or the paper material will begin to fall apart.  It’s hard enough to find mint condition material now.  Think how hard it is when the book are 30 years old or more. (And many of them already are that old.)

Happy 600th Episode Order of the Stick


I’ve been reading Order of the Stick for quite some time now.  It’s one that I check out nearly every day.  Just noticed that Rich Burlew, the artist, has published his 600th comic. He’s actually done more than that as a number of comics are more than a single series of panels.  He’s also done a number of print versions only found in the books he puts out as well.  And then of course there’s the comics he ran in Dragon Magazine way back when as well.  But it’s still a good reason to check out the series.  With 600 comics, it’ll take you a bit to go through them all.

Dungeons And Dragons Co-Creator Dies

Gary Gygax at Gen Con 2007 Image taken by Alan De Smet. The photograph is multi-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 and 3.0 licenses.Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away. He and Dave Arneson developed the game in 1974. He is survived by his wife and six children. His death was the result of long-declining health conditions. He will be missed.

Gary Gygax, Dungeons & Dragons creator, dies. (CNN)

Discovered from here.

Download Dungeon Magazine

To go along with my two previous posts about Downloading Dragon Magazine and Downloading Dragon Magazine – Part #2, here’s a list of Dungeon Magazine to download.  These aren’t mine and I didn’t gather them.  I just found them.

The list is missing some issues. I’ll come back and post them later on when I find them.

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Looking back at January



Breakfast was cool.  Had eggs, bacon, and biscuits.  I think I was the only non-church person there so i had to introduce myself a number of times but I didn’t mind.  I walk by the church twice every day when I head over to UNCC.  Didn’t get any pictures as my batteries died with the other breakfast this morning under the bridge.

I finally got a chance to look over the most read posts for January.  I probably should do some sort of Top Post widget in the sidebar. (edit: Done now.)

Download Dragon Magazine and it’s Part #2 article.
Mac Desktop Wallpapers
50 Things NOT to do at Hogwarts (And I feel bad about that as it’s not even mine.)
Robot Chicken: Charlie Brown And The Great Pumpkin
Download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? (You can but not with those links.)
Family Guy Videos – Rock Lobster
Movable Type 4.1 gets released (*shrug* All I said was that it was released.)
Crash on Volturnus – Chapter 1 (I really should go back and work on that. I liked writing that stuff.)
Pairings (Another old Daria fanfiction piece that I had written way back when.)
How to stop the irritating “Updating your computer is almost complete – Restart Now?” message

New Webcomic – Order of the Stick

Order of the Stick

Order of the Stick

OK, this one has been around for quite some time. I’ve been reading Order of the Stick and I’ve been enjoying it. The comic is drawn and authored in a deliberate stick figure style by Rich Burlew. It’s based on fantasy RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons as well as today’s D20 system. The comic goes back to 2003 so you;ve got a bit of reading to get up to date.

And I’ve already gone ahead and added to the links page. You can look at the other webcomics that I read there.

New Webcomic – Nodwick




Another new webcomic added to the link list.  We have added in Norwick.  It’s Dungeons and Dragons based, having appeared for eons in the old Dragon Magazine that’s now currently changing formats.
New comics appear to hit once a week.  Not sure of the day and I’m
too tired to go digging around the website. (Plus the designer appears
to like opening link in new windows.  I hate it when sites are
designed like that.)

The comic is about a simple henchman who travels with three characters
but runs into all sorts of trouble, normally because of the actions of
the characters.

There’s a healthy backlist of comics so it’ll take you a while to read
through them all.  Not many that connect together in an arc so you
can poke around in there.  Give it a read today. 🙂

Download Dragon Magazine

Gotta admit that I’m not big on warez but considering all of these are out of print, very few of them are available as *.pdf download, and this is really the only way to get them, here’s the first 240 Dragon Magazines available for download from rapidshare.com and megaupload.

edit: Part #2 of this list is over here.

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