I learned something today

Yup, still alive.  Bellringing is all over with and I’m playing catch up as quickly as I can.  In the middle of some projects.

Anyway I’ve learned that learned that silk screened shirts should be washed inside-out to maximize their longevity.  I didn’t know that.  Had tons of them after college that I wore quickly over the years that Angie kept nagging me about.  I wonder if they would have worn better if I had done that.

I mostly wear collared polo shirts now a days.

Now you learned something as well. 🙂

Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books

neville would have done it in four books

neville would have done it in four books

Yup, I like T-Shirts. (Especially when there’s a cute babe in them.) I had dozens of them when I was in college. Most of them were fairly well warn out by the time Angie showed up in my life. I know she was eying them hoping that I would get rid of them. (Me wear sweaters?  Eeew!  *shudder*) Just because there was a few holes in them.  They weren’t that bad.

Anyway I was poking around Topato and noticed this shirt created by the folks from Sam and Fuzzy: The Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books shirt.

Yup, it’s more Harry Potter stuff.  I’ve blogged about Harry Potter previously.  Who can forget 50 Things NOT To Do At Hogwarts?

Could Neville done it in four books?  I have to wonder.  I’ve always taken the view that while the Harry Potter books were fairly tight, I always wanted to know more about the school and what was happening in the background.  The movies are known for cutting parts out of the books.  If I said that Neville could have done it in four books, that means even more would have been taken out.

CTRL-ALT-DEL Tells Us Where Those Who Type In ALL CAPS Will Wind Up

capslock_abusersTim Buckley, the creator and artist behind the webcomic CTRL-ALT-DEL, tells us where he wants to send those who abuse their CAPS LOCK key and type in all capital letters.  This is part of a recent webcomic and upcoming poster entitled The Nine Layers of MMO Hell.

So what’s your beef about playing MMO’s?

Read Cock & Bull Webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

I’ve been reading the Cock n Bull webcomic for quite some time now.  It’s a fairly simple daily webcomic about a cock (short for rooster) and a bull.  It’s not a clean webcomic.  There’s language, a fair amount of it, as well as adult situations for lack of a better term.

It’s a fairly simple comic.  Each day, we see Cock and Bull standing in the same positions, somewhere in a pasture on a farm.  There’s no background so the only interaction with their surroundings is with the actions of the characters,  They spend most of their time complaining about the other inhabitants of the farm, which we rarely see.  Also other topics ranging from “race, abortion and international politics, to the quality of chicken feed and the abolition of combine harvesters.

Again, it’s a very much adult topic as shown in the sample picture I’ve included here.  It’s not something I would be showing 4 and 5 year olds.  If you are mature enough, it’s good for a laugh each and every day.  The author, Arnie Dunnel, just recently ran about a months worth of guest strips and it’s was interesting to see other webcomic artists’ take on the characters.

I suggest it highly.

Familiar Ground and their Sneeze Page


Not sure if folks have been following Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program. (It’s all over but you can flip through the archives over there if you want.) Day 18’s topic was to create a sneeze page.  I noticed Familiar Ground’s advertising over in the Project Wonderful adverts over on the left there and noticed Cedric Atizado’s sneeze page. I wanted to point it out as it contained a lot of good information about himself and his webcomic.  It contains a bit about himself, a bit about his webcomic, contact information and a link to his Twitter account.  Looked good to me and I wanted to point it out.

I’ve even gone ahead and updated my own About page a bit after reading his. (Although my own Project Wonderful setup haven’t been updated yet as I have advertising being running right now.)

1977 the Comic

1977 the webcomic

1977 the webcomic

I have to admit that I stay away from promoting *cough* adult webcomics that I read.  Knowing that I spend most of my time in the library, it’s kind of hard to read them.  Sometimes the librarians peek over your shoulder to see what you’re working on.  They probably wouldn’t like some of the webcomics that I read.

Anyway, here’s a plug for 1977 the Comic.  It’s a borderline comic with a fair amount of skin.  Heck, one look at the header image will probably tell you that. You’ll also have to deal with the occasional peek as well.  That doesn’t bother me but I know it does with some.  The drug and alcohol references will probably set off a few folks as well.  And, considering it’s been restarted a couple of times, that may set off even more folks.

So why should you read it?  Well, it’s funny.  I haven’t seen a dud comic yet.  W. Byron Wilkins, the creator, artist and writer, is fairly good with updating twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  I enjoy his artwork as well.

Feel free to give it a try.  Just make sure you do read it in front of any nuns.

Webcomic Plug: Questionable Content


Reading Questionable Content today.  Have to admit that the previous times I’ve read this, it didn’t make much sense to me.  I could relate to today’s comic though as it happened to me a couple of times with Angie. (I one before that was pretty funny as well.  Especially the last panel.) I’m going back through the series from the start today.  It’ll take awhile.  I’ve got time as I’m converting about 20 gigs of music into something my iPod Touch can play.

Webcomic Plug: Gets a Job


No, not “Get a Job,” it’s a “Gets a Job.” 😉

I haven’t done a plug for a webcomic in quite some time.  Kind of done that on purpose as I’ve got something planned on that front maybe some day in the future. (heh.)

Just wanted to throw out a quick plug for Gets a Job.  The concept is fairly simple.  The creator/ writer/ artist/ the dude in charge comes up with a “pop/historical figure” and drops them into a job position not like what they’re known for. (And then of course draws the picture that makes it into a webcomic.)

He also takes requests and you can find his email on the site.