Playing *.mkv files on WinAMP? Go with DivX

panasonic divx

panasonic divx

I’ve sat here for about an hour now trying to get *.mkv video files to play on WinAMP.  The directions aren’t that hard but they for whatever reason don’t work for me.  Maybe it’s Vista.  Who knows?

What worked for me was reinstalling DivX which has built in *.mkv support.  You remember DivX, right?  They’re the ones who used to run the Stage6 site.  Works fine for me and all I had to do was check a single box.

If you’re wondering why this post is here, I had planned on copying over the instructions on how to do it in WinAMP but, like I said, I never could get it to work.  Why waste a good post?

Now, I’m off to watch Burst Angel. 😉